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/\/\/\/\/\”As estruturas são a materialização das forças que atuam em um projeto.” Pier Luigi Nervi /\/\/\/\/\



Construcell is a modern self-supporting method which uses basic engineer fundaments: the truss and the compression arc permitting the construction of voids without using any metallic structure or concrete with the characteristic to cylindrical shells.

The modules made of injection of polymers. It is shaped in a triangle prism, self structured with an equilateral triangle. The covering of those prisms create a cushion of air offering a great thermo comfort.The modern resin can be protected against UV rays and fire, turning this constructions into a very safe and beautiful ones. It can also be used a variety of colors or also being transparent as polycarbonate or PET in its original state.

The modules made on plastic are articulated and were drawn to resist winds over 75 miles per hour and in the experiment made the coefficient of safety over 2.8 was achieved.
Those constructions can be destined for the use in sportive gymnasiums, hangars, warehouses, industrial storage sheds, silos, hot houses for fish farming, greenhouses and other kinds of covering, particularly in the use of solar energy.

The Brazilian storage complex has a deficit superior to 9,84 thousand pounds because of the lack of warehouses, which reduces considerably the commercial power of the small and average rural productions. Construcell applies warehouses constructions and hothouses.

Construcell is a system that can be used in gymnasiums and in sportive squares, convention centers and cultural spaces, it can be used with solar energy and zenithal illumination, and its structure is compound of one cushion of air and permits and excellent thermo isolation.

Construcell is able to construct free voids wide enough that permits the installations of industrial plans very modern without interned columns. It can also be used zenithal illumination and solar structure. It is compound of an air mattress that offers excellent thermo isolation.

Construcell has modules to construct voids made of polycarbonate or PET transparent that can be fit application on it photovoltaic plaques which catches solar energy producing energy in distant regions.

Easy to be set, Construcell has the advantages of mechanic and physic characteristics of the polycarbonate or PET, resulting in a gorgeous construction, resistant to projects shots and fabulous resistance in shooting tests. It can also be used in hangars, storerooms and emergency accommodation.

Construcell permits the construction of hangars, storage sheds for warehouses with thermo comfort, zenithal illumination and it can also be used with solar energy.

Religious temples each day are using more space and now with technology, those spaces can be totally free from interned columns with a thermo comfort.





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